last thursday i was up late combing tommy's hair (it's so much easier to do tasks like that when the kids are asleep) when i heard something messing with the trash can outside. it has a lid with 'locks' and it's great for keeping the garbage outside until garbage day. however, it's getting old and the plastic is degrading. it was a nice cool night, with no rain, so i had the window in the upstairs hallway open, and it just happens to be over the trashcan. at first i thought yoshi was putting trash outside, but the noise continued for longer than it would take someone to put something in the trash. so then i thought it was a cat and i went downstairs to tell yoshi to take care of it (nothing like being a girl. *sigh*) but it was no use, he had fallen asleep and so i went out with a flashlight to scare off the cat.

not a bloody cat, it was a fucking ferret!! CRAP ON A STICK!

i woke yoshi up but he had no idea what a ferret was. i finally got him to go look but then he just went to bed. fuck a duck.

the damn ferret was stuck in a crack that had formed near one of the locks and when it saw me it tried to get away. at first i shhed at it but when i saw it was stuck i was stumped. i didn't want to try to poke it with a broom or something, but then i didn't want to leave it in the trash can. eventually it got free and ran off (i guess. i hope it doesn't come back!!) guess it's time for a new outside can. *sigh* ah, the joys of suburban life.