on saturday we went to kijima kogen in oita-ken. yoshi wanted to go on a hike that was being held at the youth hostel we visit often, in yufuin. that was on sunday. we already had plans to go to rachel's house to see the nakatsu gion matsuri, so we decided to go to yufuin on saturday, stay the night and the kids and i would go to nakatsu while yoshi stayed to go on the hike. then he would take the train and meet us in nakatsu.

so. about a week before we were to leave, i found an advertisement on an uchiwa (a kind of fan) that i had received as an advertisement, and it just happened to be for kijima kogen, which is about fifteen minutes from yufuin! i talked to yoshi about it and we decided to go on saturday.

we had so much fun!! there were amusement rides, games, food and even a huge splash pool for the kids. i'll just post a lot of pictures to show you!!

amusement park fun!

let's play!

log cabin

sand pit fun!
i love how the boys are in the house, and sasha's on the truck!

hiro's first roller coaster ride

on a ride

waiting for the train

playland at toys kingdom

water fun

water fun

water slide!

pouring out

splash hiro

sasha banzai!

hi tommy!

car fun!

daddy and boys

a few more (ha!) at my album on flickr.