on sunday i went to kita-q to start teaching a private lesson. i have taken over for kuri for the time being, since she's about ready to pop and her student wants to continue lessons. i think this will be for a few months and then we'll all decide on where to move on from there. my thanks to kuri for this, it's been a long time since i've had any work and i really appreciate it!

while i was out, yoshi somehow managed to damage tommy (on accident!) and i ended up taking him to holiday hours at the local hospital on sunday night. poor little bloke got a staple, but he didn't cry, neither when the doctor swabbed the cut, nor when it was stapled closed. on monday morning i had to take him back to have it checked, and it's fine. we have to go back next monday, presumably to have the staple removed. not a lot of fun with three genki kids! they were mostly good, though, so i got them a snack for the car and we headed to costco! always a blast for them, and discovered that the snack bar is now selling hawaiian pizza. i was never a fan but now that i have been in japan for so long, any pizza that isn't corn and tuna infested is a treat! i ended up eating half a slice because the kids couldn't handle it (sasha wanted hawaiian, tommy wanted cheese and hiro wanted a hot dog. got the food and sasha decided she didn't like hawaiian pizza--can't blame her there--and tommy wanted a hotdog, but hiro didn't want to share. sasha and tommy swapped pizza, and actually ate that part and tommy 'sharked' hiro's hotdog, which means he grabbed it up when hiro put it down because he was full. still a big fight, though, because it was hiro's and even if he couldn't eat it, that didn't mean he didn't want anyone else to, either...) kuri and the pinglet met us there just in time for lunch, and then it was time for shopping!

got essentials for taking to gajin wife's house (vodka, lemons, combo pizza), plus had an ice cream while waiting for the pizza to cook. then we all headed back to our house, but a sudden crazy rain storm ended any ideas of the kids playing in the splash pool. but the pinglet was ready for that and instead asked to play with dress up clothes and was snow white for the rest of the afternoon. it was lovely to have them over, though it's probably the last time for a while. fingers crossed for an easy labor and recovery for kuri!

i think i'll write another post about our visit to oita and the ever popular gaijin wife!