on wednesday, my mother was encouraging me to get a passport to marine world, the aquarium in fukuoka city. i thought it was a great idea so yesterday the kids and i went to the park at uminonakamichi. we had a great time, as we usually do. (you can read this post about our visit last year.)

on the way i picked up something to eat at a hokka-ben, and the kids insisted we eat as soon as we got to the park. so we did. then, halfway through their onigiri, hiro and sasha said they weren't hungry anymore. typical. sweet tommy ate all of his, though, because he didn't really have breakfast. poor baby! (can i just say here, though, that he wore underpants ('unpants') all day yesterday and didn't have any accidents. not even during his long nap in the car on the way home!) the weather was really cooperative, especially since rain was forecast for the afternoon. we headed over to the park, which has really changed (almost all of the amusement park rides are gone, i wonder if they're going to be replaced?) we headed over to the toddler's park and the kids splashed in the pool for a long time! we had a great day. thanks mom!

holding a star

tommy and the star

sasha wants to touch

touching jellyfish

water play

gorgeous summer sky