i went to the hospital yesterday for a check. i guess my numbers are good, but the doctor wants me to come back in three weeks for another check. *sigh* the kidney doctor (or perhaps urologist) also wants me to have a CT at that time, lucky me. tommy was a real star, though, making it nearly to the end before becoming to restless and annoying (to others). good thing most of the other patients were older women, tommy's favorite flirt partners! lol

hm. it really seemed like i had a much better post in my head than what i have written here. i did have blood drawn, but it was done by an expert so NO PAIN. yay. tommy watched, but i'm not sure he really got it. plus, he doesn't fear needles or shots so he was just really interested in what was going on, why was mommy sitting down? what's that guy doing? can we go now?

i also had an ultrasound with tommy sitting in the corner. i think i say my kidney stone in my bladder, so that's progress! lol it doesn't hurt, though, and i got more medicine for that from the hospital. three weeks worth! yay. heh.

after that tommy and i had lunch, then went home to wait for sasha. then we were off to the school to get hiro (sports club day) and then off to the onsen. i haven't found sasha's school shorts so i thought maybe i left them there. no such luck, though, so we just had a lovely bath! *sigh* i think i'll have to buy some new shorts for sasha....

ok, that's about it. hope you're having a lovely weekend!