today was spent at home. i don't have a lot of energy these days. i haven't even vacuumed since i got back a week ago. ugh. we have been late for the bus (even though it comes right to our house) for the past couple of days. i'm just so out of it. ah well, i will see the doctor tomorrow and find out about my current state of health.

it's kind of weird to stay home all day. i usually have to get out because staying here all day drives me crazy. i'm still crazy (today) but too tired to do anything. thankfully i only have tommy for most of the day. he didn't take a nap today, which may have helped (you know, me taking a nap at the same time).

i can't find sasha's shorts for school. i must have left them at the onsen on monday. oops. she absolutely refuses to wear hiro's extra pair of shorts so she's been wearing funny shorts all week long. yesterday she didn't even have her shirt because she somehow managed to get all wet at school. i will go to the onsen again to day (oh, darn) and hopefully we'll find them there!

sorry for such a boring post, it's been a fairly slow week. tommy and i did see kuri on wednesday, probably the last time before her little one is born. other than that, just a quiet week for us.

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