yesterday we had a chance to meet up with lily and her family. sadly, yoshi couldn't go with us, so he missed out meeting up with lily's husband. the kids had a great time, though!

first we drove out to uminonakamichi, where we were meeting. first the kids and i went to marine world, because i don't think they would accept a trip to uminonakamichi without seeing the fish! and, of course, we headed straight for the touching pool. it was a bit crowded, but it wasn't too bad for the most part. we even fed the sea lions this time, we enjoyed that!

then we went back to the car and got our lunches, picnic bag and the double stroller. tommy insisted on sitting in the back all day. sasha got to sit in the front for the most part. then we went over to the park and went to our favorite part, the toddler's field. the splash pool was completely dry, but that was fine because it actually turned out to be a pretty cold day. it didn't rain, but it was pretty cloudy. and the wind was *cold*! first the kids and i had popcorn for a snack, but then i let them have their lunches. then lily and her family showed up, and we had a great time chatting and eating together. the kids also had a great time playing on the playground and empty pool. after a while, we decided to go to the zoo they have there.

we loved looking at all the animals, and at the furiae (??) part, the kids got to pet goats, and then hold a guinea pig. i think they really enjoyed it! we left the zoo at four, and the whole park closed at five. i have to report that the kids and i actually had to run for the exit! lol (lily's family parked at a different part of the park, so i don't know if they had to run or not.)

then we decided to go to the closest AEON to have a snack at starbucks, lily and her family, too. it was nice to sit and chat--and warm up!--even if the shopping center was a bit crowded. then the kids and i went to dinner while the others went home. after that we drove home, where tommy fell asleep (so rare!) and hiro and sasha stayed awake (also rare!). a fun, happy day!