today is day one of nablopomo (oh, and that reminds me, i gotta sign up!), so here i am making an attempt to write every day. i should write about the birthday party, but i don't have photos uploaded (and i'm not sure they're any good anyway, but let's get that sorted out before blogging about the party! maybe tomorrow), so i will write about my hospital visit from today.

today was day one of two for tests for when i have surgery. i'm not sure what it was supposed to be for, but i got a drip for an hour. if i had to guess, it was to put something in me to help the echo and CT scans i had afterward. tommy is seriously starting to hate the hospital (who can blame him?), but he was pretty good when we first got to the geika and when i got my blood pressure taken, but during the iv, he started running around and arranging chairs. at the hospital, they have a room just for tenteki (ivs) with a lot of beds and chairs (for family members, i suppose). we had brought a book for tommy, and i had got him some candy, but once the candy was gone and the book had lost its charm, tommy was a lost cause. but he wasn't too bad (though it was obvious he was getting tired) until we got to the scans.

the first scan was some kind of echo. i really don't know what it was, but i got onto this platform that moved around (so i went from a standing position with my hands over my head to a lying position on my stomach! and then back again). tommy was in the changing room because he refused to leave, so a technician stayed with him while i got the scans. when i finished tommy wsn't in the changing room, he was in the hallway throwing a massive tantrum! but we weren't done, because i also had to have a CT scan, and tommy was pretty pissed off! finally i was done, though, and i took him to the snack shop and got some candy (mint mentos, of course he hated them) for him, and juice and crackers for me (i wasn't to eat beforehand). luckily i didn't need medicine because the candy and juice barely kept tommy together before we could leave!

i have to go back tomorrow for the stomach camera. i wonder if i should just get a massive box of chocolate for tommy!