the kids and i wasted the day yesterday. we went to kita-q to go to the museum of natural history (i think that's right...) to see the dinosaurs. well. it snowed during the night, just a bit. i got up early and took wet laundry to the laundromat. it snowed on and off while i was out, but after i got back it really started to come down. and then it tapered off. then it snowed get the idea.

i had had plenty of time to myself over the weekend so to ensure yoshi got 'free time' i offered to take the kids with me, just the four of us. going there wasn't a problem. finding a parking spot wasn't a problem. getting through the mall wasn't a problem, either. we walked over to the museum and found out their special exhibit was on the mayans (or perhaps the pre-mayan civilization? i should really look that up, but it's late....) and i thought it would be interesting--to me. it costs extra so i went ahead and paid for it. it was interesting, though everything was in japanese so i didn't really glean a lot of information from it. then we went to see the dinosaurs.

almost as soon as we went in, sasha started whining. "i'm hungry. i'm hungry." SO ANNOYING. sorry, i know she's my daughter but they had been bugging us all weekend (because we didn't go last friday), sasha included, to see the dinosaurs. we were barely through the door! we went to see the moving dinosaurs, which scared them but at least they didn't try to climb me like a tree like the last time! but that was it; that was all they wanted to see. i was not happy. i admit, i scolded them. it costs money to go there (granted, they are free, so i only pay for myself) but i don't want to go there just to see the scary, moving dinosaurs--we've already seen it. i doubt i'll be taking them to see the dinosaurs again.

so, we headed back to the mall but by then it was 12pm. it was so crazy crowded we couldn't find a place to sit in the food court, and all the restaurants had waiting lists, so we packed it in and found a mcdonalds elsewhere. then we headed back to munakata, and the snow, where i took them to the library and they made a royal mess out of the kids' books. *sigh* then back home where i had to spend an hour or two by myself in my room, just to recover.

thankfully, hiro and sasha went back to school this morning!