in the round

here are a few things i am working on (and actually finished--one!)

first, sasha needed some legwarmers for the school musical/variety show they are doing in february.

first legwarmer

white legwarmer

finished legwarmers

i think they turned out rather well, although it took me a couple of weeks to finish up! (in reality it was only a few hours but i couldn't work on them continuously!)

next is a cowl/scarf for my mom.


close up

it is knit in the round, and the true color is the one in the first picture.

last of all is a crochet-along and is so easy! it's a shawl and will be for me.

talk a lot shawl

shawl detail

i really wanted to make a couple of vests for hiro and sasha to wear at school, and although it's still rather cold, i fear it may be too late for me to get one done for hiro. *sigh*