...which also just happens to be yoshi's birthday. he was a bit sad this morning that the newspaper's headline said there were tens of thousands feared missing. we just feel so awful over what has happened. we are nicer to each other, hugging the kids a little tighter. facebook has been amazing, with friends connecting and spreading information about who is safe and who has not been heard from yet. twitter has been crazy but also amazing, i have found quite a few links over the past few days there. also, maybe strange but true, i have had sources of love and information on ravelry. being connected is an amazing thing.

speaking of which, i wanted to share a link to my friend's blog. she lives in fukushima, one of the places hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. luckily she lives far enough inland that they were spared from the water, but the damage is still horrifying. please check out her blog, she is updating when she can. the photos alone just bring everything home to me. annerose's blog.

annerose and i are both a part of AFWJ, an organization for foreign women married to japanese. over the past few days i have been in awe of the caring and reaching out to our members, making sure others are safe, or at least alive, and what can be done to help. i am very thankful to be a part of this amazing group, and i hope that i can contribute, too.

i really don't know what to say about the earthquake. it didn't affect us at all, physically. yoshi has some family (his aunt and her family) in tokyo but they're all fine. i think we will try to send some things to them (instant rice and noodles, things like that). she recently sent us a package of things for the kids for girls' day and finishing school (she always seems to send the most random things, but also some very lovely things) so i hope we are able to help out or at least brighten her day. we don't watch tv at our house, so we are mainly spared from the constant news coverage and horrifying videos. not that i haven't seen any at all, i have and they make me cry. i really can't watch too many of them at one time. i want to do something, help with something but i'm afraid there isn't a lot i can do. i can donate some money, but i really don't have a lot right now. so, i am thinking of those who are suffering and i hope they are ok, that things are going to be ok, that they're going to get through this and be stronger for it.