hey there! so, things have been pretty normal around here. went to a AFWJ fukuoka planning meeting, which was fun, and a drinking party the same night, which was also fun. then we've pretty much had a week of kids at home and me trying to survive. *sigh* on tuesday we met up with lily and her boys. first we had lunch and then went to usa shrine (which we'd never been to before, and it's really quite amazing). we were also supposed to meet up with gaijin wife, but her youngest was ill so we only got to see her for a few minutes. hopefully we'll be able to meet up with her soon!

ok, so some pictures. first two are from graduation day. sasha posing for daddy, and then tommy while yoshi was chasing him around the kindergarten. the rest are from our visit to usa.

cheeky sasha

funny tommy

fun at the shrine

at Usa shrine

playing with friends

reo playing

kids playing at the shrine

sasha pose

sasha tommy and reo

helping the baby

at Usa shrine

feeding the koi