hey there!

yesterday morning i set out easter baskets for the kids. they were pretty excited about it (because they love chocolate!), so that was nice. (sorry, no photos of the baskets.) then we got ready and drove to karatsu for a kyushu-AFWJ family BBQ. the weather just managed to cooperate, though it was a close thing (it nearly rained a couple of times! but i defied it, stupid rain.)

there were a lot of kids, of all ages, but mainly elementary school kids. my three had a blast, running and playing.

first we had lunch (though there was plenty to eat all day), and then the my kids wanted to dye eggs. others joined in and there were loads of fabulous eggs! then some of us filled plastic eggs with goodies while others kept the kids occupied. then the bigger kids hid eggs for the little ones, while the dads hid eggs for the bigger kids. then it was easter egg hunt time! that was loads of fun.

next it was time for dessert so we headed inside for plates of cakes and cookies, coffee and tea. afterward i got out bubble stuff and let the kids go crazy in the garden. while they were distracted, i started collecting all our stuff. i certainly had brought a lot! and if you know me, you know that i always forget something. this time, we left tommy's shoes behind. unfortunately, these are his only pair of shoes. *sigh* luckily, kuri and family brought them home for us (though they are at kuri's place) so hopefully we'll get them back soon. in the meantime, tommy will just have to wear boots.

i got the kids to leave fairly pain-free, and hiro and sasha fell asleep fairly quickly. stubborn tommy wouldn't sleep at all! even though we weren't very hungry, i stopped at hirai for some dinner so i wouldn't feel so guilty about letting them eat so many fun things at the party. then we were home, in the bath, teeth brushed and on the way to bed when yoshi got home (yoshi had a softball game yesterday so he didn't go with us to karatsu. he was done by the afternoon, but he must have gone out to talk to neighbors before we got home.) after telling daddy about their day, the kids went to bed.

i have been to karatsu a few times before, but i forgot how nice a city it is. i hope to visit again soon!

happy easter

sasha's dress back

starting out

fabulous pizza

decorating eggs

painting the eggs



sleepy baby
(kuri's son being held by a friend)

dessert time!

bubble time!

sasha's bubbles

down to the beach

pine woods at the beach

boating fun!


chasing fun

taking a nap
(baby finally asleep--in mommy's arms)