taking a hint from rachel and her blog, i decided we needed to have a BBQ today. yoshi wanted to take the kids to the kindergarten for some 'farming' (don't ask, because i have no idea) and that we would have lunch after. the weather was so nice this morning that i suggested having yakiniku for dinner today. of course, it just got cloudier and cooler as the day wore on....

but, we still had hope and got the 'good' meat, bought another box of charcoal and kept our fingers crossed. and had a lovely BBQ dinner tonight. i made a potato salad to go with, and even made the yakiniku sauce, which was awesome.

during our kampai, yoshi said, 'happy anniversary.' oops, i totally forgot!! lol i guess i'm not much of a romantic. happy anniversary, indeed!

tomorrow yoshi has a meeting, or perhaps meetings all day long, but his term as neighborhood 'president' is nearly at an end. i, for one, am so glad, even if it means i have to be with the kids all day tomorrow. let's hope the weather is nice so they can spend lots of time outside!