so, on saturday i thought the kindy made an announcement that the first year students didn't have to go to school until the 13th, so i asked yoshi to confirm. he thought, nah, they go to school from monday. so, bright and early monday morning, i got up and made breakfast (this is rare! bad mommy!--i mean about it being rare that i make breakfast.) then i woke tommy and tried to ease him into the day. see, he has been getting up at 8:30 (or later) during the past year, whereas the bus arrived at our house at 8:30. this year the bus stop is around the corner (basically behind our house) so we have to be sure we get there on time! anyway, you can probably guess where this is going. yeah, tommy didn't have school on monday.

he was pretty disappointed (mainly, i think, because he was nervous about getting on the bus and going to school and missing mommy) but i promised him something (can't remember what, now) but got sasha on the bus and tommy back home to change his clothes.

then the three of us walked to hiro's school. our last chance for hiro to 'practice' walking to school. it only took 40 minutes, which isn't too bad. then we walked back. got a nice 5km walk on that day. i even thought of restarting my F2F on monday but then i ate a lot of junk food so i will just put it off to next week....

the weather was fine when we left the house, but on the way home it turned cold. then it got cloudy. thankfully it didn't rain until after we got home. unfortunately i had laundry out so had to quickly bring that in. other than that, it was a pretty normal monday. sasha got home and then we had lunch, then the kids played inside while i tried not to lose it.