well, the previous posts pics might give you an idea. can you guess which one we adopted? yes, we have adopted a pet. i think i might just lost my brain today. oh god, what have i got myself into??

today yoshi had a meeting at a local community center. there just happened to be an 'open house' for an animal rescue group. he fell in love with a dog right away and called me up and asked me to bring the kids. hm. well, i can play dirty, too. i told the kids we were going to go look at a dog. they asked if we were getting a dog. i said, i hope not, because dogs jump and lick and bark, and if you take the dog for a walk and it poos, you have to pick up the poo! ewwwww, they said. then hiro said he wanted a cat. let's get a cat. i told him to ask daddy....

there were quite a few cute doggies and kitties there. my favorite was the white cat with blue eyes (pictured below). hiro was quite smitten, too. when i took a picture of the cat, he wanted to take a picture, too (that's why there are two pictures of the cat...it's not a clue! lol)

sasha and tommy weren't quite as into deciding on a pet as hiro was, and as there were a lot of clover there (it was done outside, and the weather was beautiful today) they started to pick a lot of flowers. at one point, though, tommy got stung by a bee! i'm not sure what happened, but i suspect a bee got caught in his boot. he got stung on the top of his foot, not the bottom, so i don't think he stepped on one. poor little guy! he let out a scream and started to cry. not cool!

as these are rescue animals, we didn't take our pet home today. we will soon, though, so perhaps i'll have something new to take pictures of! (sorry for ending with a preposition. i rite english gud one day.)