i was feeling pretty good on the drive home on saturday. after we arrived, i greeted the dog and then put a few things away. then i escaped to my room and tried to relax. i nearly fell asleep! then i started feeling uncomfortable again, maybe at around 3:30. i had taken the pain medication at about 10:30 so that meant it only worked for about five hours. so, i went to take another one and that's when i realized they only gave me five pills, not five days worth! yikes! i figured it out and thought i only had enough to cover me until 2 pm sunday. not good. i took a pill, though, and read that they made one sleepy. hm. good to know, don't want to drive a car after taking one!

i went upstairs and waited for the hour to pass and the pain (which was awful, and also included a migraine) to go away. eventually it did and i dozed again. then i went downstairs for a bowl of cereal and to ask yoshi to cover dinner for the kids. then i went back upstairs to wait for the pain to come back.

but it didn't! the headache did, but it was almost manageable. so, i didn't take another pill until i was ready to do to sleep (about 9:30) and though i've had periods of yucky-ness, i've been doing really well since saturday night.

on sunday morning i did a load of laundry (mainly for tommy and sasha's uniforms, hiro's sports clothes and his school apron) and then took it to the coin laundry to dry. while out, i also paid the cars' taxes, so that was one more thing done. i got home just after 8 am and was pretty wiped out, so i told yoshi that i was going up to my room to rest. yoshi? cleaned up and tried to get the kids to help, because his parents were coming over. only a little bit annoyed by that because a) i couldn't help even if i wanted to and b) they usually bring lunch and enough that we don't have to really worry about dinner so that was good. didn't feel guilty about yoshi cleaning, either.

last night. hm. well, you'll never guess what two kindergarten children came down with last night. go on, go ahead and try. ok, ok, i'll tell you. sasha had a barking cough and complained all night that she was coughing. tommy on the other hand came down with a burning fever and whimpered most of the night. not restful! i got up to get the thermometer for tommy. 38.4 . then tested sasha. 37.2 . hm. went downstairs to get cold medicine for tommy. half an hour later, because of a whiney-crying sasha, got more cold medicine. up and down the stairs, all night long. this morning tommy was 38.6, sasha was 37.4 and both were barking. *sigh* so i called the school and told them they wouldn't be on the bus. got hiro off to school and then took the other two to the clinic. probably just a cold but no school today. too bad, there goes sasha's perfect attendance record! the pity of it was, she so wanted to go to school today. poor sasha.

they are both doing better tonight and if there are no fevers in the morning, they will probably go to school. or sasha will. i hope. because i am EXHAUSTED this evening and need more rest!

and, on top of everything else, our cat arrived this morning. she is so beautiful, and so friendly!! even yoshi was impressed, and he thinks of himself as a dog person!

one last thing, before i sign off. before tommy fell ill with his fever, yoshi told me that the older brother of the boy hiro went home from school with on friday (confused??) just came down with the mumps. got it from school. also, tommy totally sneezed in my face last night so now i have a cold to look forward to. *sigh* at least i only work outside the house one hour a week!

PS. looking over my previous post it sounds like i got dressed in my OR kimono at ten and then, right after, went downstairs for an x-ray at noon. um, probably not that slow a dresser. either i got dressed at eleven, or there was a little break there that i relaxed on my bed before being told i needed to go downstairs for my x-ray. yeah, that's it!

EDIT: oh, one more thing! on sunday i found a scrape in my mouth. ouch! must have been from the intubation during the general anesthesia. oops. it's nearly healed now, though, so that's a relief!