well, sasha came down with HFM disease on friday, and hiro started getting spots in his mouth yesterday. *sigh* neither one had a fever yesterday or today so i sent them off to school. hiro had to miss out on the pool, though. poor guy, he was so disappointed! so far it's been pretty mild, as far as diseases go. most of tommy's spots were on his bottom, so one could hardly tell he was sick. sasha is rather spotty on her hands and feet, and so far hiro has spots in his mouth and on his knee. it's not even summer yet and we're dealing with illness and misery! lol

soon the kids will be out of school. sasha and tommy start half days on thursday. bummer. i'm kinda used to having the house to myself for a few hours every day! hiro has lunch until next tuesday and then i guess they're free! gotta think of things to do this summer (already have uminonakamichi on the list.)

not going anywhere again this summer. kinda disappointed about that, but then i still don't have a full-time job so it's hardly a surprise. maybe next summer!