the past couple of weeks have been kinda hard. with the kids having HFM disease, yoshi studying for a test (then taking the test), the kids music performance (featuring taiko) and then having the following monday off, i haven't had much time to myself. i really need time to reset my systems after handling the kids (and now the dog--the cat pretty much stays to herself, though sometimes she gets lonely and then we shower her with affection.) so today was the first time i got some real quality time to myself, so i went to the movies! of course, i saw the last HP movie. i enjoyed it a lot! i also enjoyed my popcorn, i love movie theater popcorn!

the movie was in 3D, though (the non-3D was in japanese, boo) so that meant paying a bit extra. for me, it's totally stupid because i am blind in one eye and cannot 'enjoy' the 3D part. oh well, sometimes life just isn't fair.

i wandered around the mall for a bit and the body shop has some new products--made with tea tree oil. sweet! i got some oil for using on the kids' hair.

tomorrow yoshi's parents are coming over. i think i'll enjoy myself at joyfull! monday is a public holiday and may be the day we are hit with the typhoon. still waiting!!