so, i didn't blog at all last week. with the flurry of posts before that, one may assume that i was all blogged out for a while. but that was not the case; i had a really bad week, starting on early monday morning and lasting until friday! there were some nice things along with the not-so-nice, but on the whole, it was a week to forget. i didn't want to write last week, not because it was crappy, but because i didn't want to dwell on the crappy. i tend to feel sorry for myself, so it wasn't like i didn't have anything to say! but as i was having a bad morning on monday, i started to tell myself to let it go, shake it off (as i usually do when i feel like my day is going to hell) because feeling like it's a bad day only makes it an even worse day. monday wasn't a total loss, i did manage to keep it from totally sucking, but it wasn't the best day ever, either.

this week has been rather quiet. i stayed home monday and tuesday, only venturing out to the supermarket a couple of times. the weather has been so lovely up until today, and i was glad to relax at home. wednesday was japanese class, which is good for me, because the friday class now sets homework! i get the homework done on wednesday, and i get to chat with some really nice people. i do like the class. we'll be doing a field trip, probably in october, to a place that is famous for iron teakettles (i think). thursday i met up with kuri and the littlest ping, for some hanging out and lunch (we tried a new bread restaurant, it was really great!) and then today, i had japanese class and then work. the battery died in the car, it's been on its last legs for the past two weeks or so, but today it finally gave up the ghost. luckily it was at the kindergarten (so, i didn't miss work and i didn't miss picking up the kids at kinder!) and got a jump from the principal's son (who is also a teacher there...or assistant assistant principal, or something). drove straight to autobacks to get a new battery. thankfully i got paid from the hyogo job...i had no idea batteries cost so much! nearly 2 man poorer, and fast approaching 6:30, i took the kids to joyfull for dinner. they were over the moon and got a cool toy with their dinner. awesome.

it's a three day weekend, with monday being respect for the aged day. hey, at least it doesn't fall on my birthday this year! we have no plans for the weekend, nor the next, which is also three days, but that's ok. hopefully i'll be able to go to the kyushu mini-con (though i'm starting to wonder if i'll have to do something that weekend. it's slipped my mind what it is but i bet you anything it will be that weekend. just wait...)