had a fun day today, with a halloween birthday party for hiro and tommy. the kids were great, dressing up in costumes and actually keeping them on for most of the party. by the time we cut the cake, though, i made my kids take theirs off (difficult to clean!)

only a few pictures today, basically the cake!

haunted cake

my mom did a great job sending me things to decorate the cake with. these were buttons (except for the jack-o-lantern candles) and were just perfect!

candles lit

'orange' and chocolate cake

i colored a white cake orange and made a small round with that. then i made a chocolate cake in a larger round to make a two-tiered cake. it was supposed to be a kind of graveyard. i thought it was cute!

dig in!

next is the jack-o-lantern, from the pumpkin i bought the other day at the japanese class outing. not too fancy, but the kids thought it was great (their first jack-o-lantern!)


night time