so, i've gotten some knitting done, when i haven't done any in ages. i am crocheting a blanket for sasha, which is taking a lot of time! but, i started making a fish hat, to see how long it would take me (and to see if i could do it!), and then i found some fabulous (acrylic) yarn for making candy corn hats and thought i should make some for hiro and tommy's birthday party. i got one done, and should have the rest done by the time their party comes around, but we'll see!

first, the fish hat.

fish hat

it's supposed to be a dead fish, with felt circles embroidered with black Xes, but i don't trust myself to be able to cut a perfect circle out of felt, so i got some buttons. i got four-holed buttons and thought i'd do the X with that, but i think they're too small. doesn't matter, because i think it turned out pretty cute anyway.

dead eye

fat fish hat


side view

it's supposed to look like a fish is on your head, kinda like you pulled a fish on your noggin into its mouth. maybe it's supposed to be for kids more than adults (though, it's supposed to be for both), but i think the proportion looks a bit off.

anyway, the candy corn hat i finished. it's for kuri's son, it is so adorable! now, to get the other 8 (or 10) that i want to make finished in time!

first candy corn hat

close up

candy corn hat

wish me luck!