today we went to a nearby town to have some pizza. i discovered this place about a week and a half ago, there was an advertisement at the local veggie shop which i had never noticed before. i was checking it out when the head guy (owner?) saw me and gave me a hand-out. the next day i went with connie to have some pizza made by an american guy. oh man, was it ever delicious!! of course, i told yoshi about it right away, and today we went with the kids. the weather was perfect, and the area around the pizza place is spacious and quiet. we even brought the dog with us (the plan was to have him stay in the car while we ate, but he was more than welcome to wait for us in the garden), and sasha run him ragged! in a good way, he was such a happy doggie when it was time to go home!

yoshi had a drinking party this evening, and after i dropped him off i remembered i also had a drinking party!! oops! the group was the mothers from hiro's yochien class, and as i promised to go (and would have to pay anyway) i went with all the kids. i was the only one who drove there, so i was the only one not having a beer *sob* but the kids all got drinks for 'free' and the food was great, so i'm really glad we went.

now we are at home waiting for daddy to get home. i brought out the christmas videos yesterday and so we are enjoying those. i am slowly getting into the christmas spirit! which is a good thing, as we are going to a holiday party tomorrow! well, sasha tommy and i are. really looking forward to that!