happy sasha

about a year ago, i saw a flower afghan, much like the one i made before, with white and red roses, and a dark green background, on a television show. i really liked it and wanted to make one for myself. sadly, i found out that no one makes the red and white variegated yarn anymore, at least, not in acrylic. i asked my mom to get me some red and yellow yarn, but oh boy, was it ever bright! not quite appropriate for roses. so, i looked around here, and found this pink, white and orange/peach yarn. not quite what i wanted (i would have been satisfied with pink and white) but i think i like the final product. of course, after nearly finishing, daiso started carrying a different color, much paler and softer looking. but, oh well! i think sasha is well pleased with it.

yarn: acrylic yarn from daiso (100 yen shop), pink/white/orange, frosty green redheart super saver and hunter green redheart super saver. pictures!

starting a flower

pink and white rose

with leaves

close up


i think zorro is under there.

not helping

finished afghan

rose afghan

enjoying the afghan