last japanese class of the year

this would be the nakama class. the previous friday (16th), there was a party at the munakata class, but i had so much fun that i didn't take photos (as a quick update, we played warm-up, getting to know you games--because there are at least three different level classes in munakata--then a skill game--picking up smooth marbles with smooth chopsticks--then an extra present was given to some and then last of all we exchanged gifts playing a kind of musical present where we passed the presents while music played, until the music stopped and we kept the gift in our hands. then we had a few snacks and then it was time to go. the 23rd was a holiday, and the 30th will be, too, so that was the last class of the year!) so, nakama class!

a few weeks ago, when we went on a field trip together, one of the teachers was talking about how much she loved stuffing (for turkey or chicken) and wanted to have some for christmas. the other teachers (who were with us at the time) jumped on that idea and wanted to make stuffed roast chicken for christmas. i was all for that, although i knew i would be making it. it's really not difficult, just time consuming! anyway, plans were made and dishes were decided and last wednesday we had a nice lunch together.

the previous wednesday i had to cancel, because it was the day after i hurt my leg, and i think i made the head teacher nervous! but, i made it on time (usually i'm quite late) and with sasha and tommy in tow. they were entertained with origami for most of the preparation time, which made it easy for me to get stuff done! i brought two chickens, bread prepared for stuffing, and all the other things i needed to get them done. there were two ovens, so i got started right away chopping celery and onion to get the stuffing prepared. while the chickens were roasting, one of the teachers taught us how to make rose sushi.

roasting chicken

first one needed to cut some long nori to a certain length. then, pink colored rice (colored by a powder made from fish, i'm pretty sure the pink is not a natural color) is put on the nori, then it is rolled. this was set aside. again, nori is cut (and glued with rice) to a certain length and white rice is put on top. three small strips of nori are then place in the middle, the between that nori and the end on either side. on top of the strips, a wedge of cucumber is placed, then the previous rolled sushi is put in between two of the cucumber wedges. then it is all rolled together and when you cut the sushi, the inside looks like a rose.

rose sushi

even sasha got to help out, she stirred a bit to help make whipped cream, which was for the banana cake one of the teachers brought.

helping out

whipping cream

there was so much food, and i really thought we'd be taking home leftover chicken, but surprisingly, there was none left by the end of the class! even the stuffing was a big hit, one teacher loved it so much she took all of the leftover stuffing home! i was particularly pleased with the bulgolgi pork that the korean student made, it was quite spicy, but i really loved it in spite of that! the italian student brought some hard bread, which was delicious, and some sheep's cheese, which i had never tried before. i'm really glad i joined this japanese class!

last japanese class of the year

last japanese class of the year