two weeks ago tomorrow, i fell down the front steps of our house. i somehow caught the top step corner on my left leg--right on the meaty part of my calf. really, right next to the shin (and luckily not on the shin, otherwise i probably would have broken a bone!) i was carrying a basket and a bag full of laundry and fell really hard. my injured leg also hit the stone wall next to the house and i don't think that did anything good for my wound. because of the laundry, i didn't hit my head, but i did scratch my left arm pretty bad, and skinned my right knee.

i was going out to do laundry, but also to take sasha to the pediatrician because she had a sore tummy. well. with a gaping wound in my leg, i decided to go to the hospital for myself first. i took the laundry inside and grabbed a couple of clean towels. i wrapped one around my leg, not because it was bleeding, but because the hole was so deep you could see right inside my leg. it was pretty gross.

so, we got to the hospital after a drive with me trying not to cry (i was anticipating having the wound cleaned without painkillers and was kinda freaking out about it) and trying to reassure sasha that it didn't hurt (it didn't. my scratched arm hurt far worse.) it was late enough in the morning for me to be seen right away. at first the nurse came to me to look at my wound, so i unwrapped the towel for her and i think she was a bit shocked that it was so bad (and that i took myself to the hospital with my daughter) and told me to come right back to see the doctor. i tried to rewrap my leg but couldn't get it right, so she kinda held it for me. we made quite a scene with me limping and her bending over to hold the towel! i did go straight in to see the doctor instead of waiting outside the room, as we usually do. the doctor came and was surprised, had a quick look and then sent me off for x-rays. sasha was a little star, and only moaned a little bit about her poor tummy. after x-rays i was wheeled back to the doctor (in a wheelchair) and got fixed up. luckily i was given painkillers before wound cleaning and then stitching, which i was very grateful for. i had to go back the next day and then the next, and since then i have been taking care of my wound myself. i will go back tomorrow, hopefully to have the stitches out, because it's nearly time for the new year holiday and i don't think the stitches should be in for very much longer!

and yes, i did take sasha to the clinic after finishing my leg. got her medicine and some yogurt for her to take it, then took her back home for both of us to rest. what a day!