on sunday, we had an easter party at our house.  it was mainly an AFWJ event, but i also invited a fellow teacher and his family.  five families came, and i think there was about 20 people in total who came (but perhaps about 16 people who were there for the whole party).  that was the perfect amount for our little house!

i roasted a lamb that day, my first, and it turned out really well.  i am lucky to live by sunny (aka seiyu, aka walmart) because they have some fresh herbs in the produce section so i could get some rosemary for the lamb.  we also have some hardy mint coming back in the garden so i had some fresh mint for the sauce (although either i didn't pick enough, or i added it to a too hot sauce, because i didn't taste very much mint).  everyone who came also brought a dish to share so there was plenty to eat!

after lunch the kids dyed eggs, i think they enjoyed it.  hiro did manage to spill a pot of dye on me, but luckily most of it went on my bare legs, and only my old, holey socks got ruined (i was going to throw them away anyway).  after that, we had an easter egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with chocolates.  the parents shared some adult chocolates, too.  the hunt was over so quickly, but the kids managed to entertain themselves for the rest of the afternoon.  all too soon, it was time for people to go home, and so we made our farewells.  i was happy to have so many friends over!

all the food!

eating together