today was the day the kids were to be in school at the same time (hiro has tomorrow off, not today), giving me a few hours to myself in the morning, but instead i took the kids to the doctor.  it doesn't look like chicken pox (and i still can't decide if that's a good thing or not), so that's one thing.  hiro got a booster shot (surprise!  poor hiro) and then i took the kids to their schools.  then i had to go to daiso to get a few things.  when i got home i did a quick vacuum, then i had a shower, and then sasha and tommy were home.  *sigh*  i think i have to go to the kindy on thursday as well.  PTA-like things to be decided.  what fun.

hiro got home early, too (after lunch, though) and the weather was not so great today, so we were pretty much stuck in the house for the rest of the day.  i am so tired of children fighting over the tv!  i have to keep enforcing the no tv rule, but then they keep asking me if they can watch tv.  i guess there's only so many times you can make a play-do waffle.

well, gotta get some sleep.  big day tomorrow (starting teaching from home!)