i guess you could say i've been taking the whole week to recover from my weekend in kanto, and i guess that would be partly right.  on monday sasha, tommy and i went to the kindy picnic/ensoku.  for once, i got there early and tommy promptly got stung by a bee!  i took him to the teachers, thinking they might have something for bites and stings but instead, they insisted i take him to a doctor.  *sigh*  so, i followed a teacher to a nearby clinic (naika, i'm not sure what that is in english, but basically the kind of doctor you go to if you have a cold or a headache or something).  by the time we got there the sting was mostly a red patch on his skin and the doctor said it wasn't a bee!  i was pretty sure it was, he got stung last year and reacted the same way.  to be honest, if we were on our own i would not have taken him, just kept an eye on him to see if he had any reaction,  but, oh well.  back to the picnic and everyone was fine.  i actually fell asleep after eating lunch, i was so tired!  lol

on tuesday i had a new class (well, two sisters moved from the wednesday class and joined the two new kindy kids who had a trial lesson the week before.)  it's nice and early in the afternoon, so i finish pretty early.  wednesday i have two classes and thursday i have one.  on wednesday, hiro's teacher also came for a home visit.  we chatted in the classroom, as that is the cleanest room in the house!  i am still in the middle of spring cleaning (and actually got a full trash bag out of the tatami room closet!), it is progressing quite slowly...but anyway, hiro seems to be doing fine at school and the teacher approves of our not letting him play too many video games, especially during the week.

on friday i went to japanese class (thinking about it, i went on wednesday, too!  so busy!), and then i was going to swim but instead i....didn't.  i had lunch, and then shopping, then home.  i can't really remember much else to the day, so it must have been pretty low-key.

yesterday hiro had saturday school, so the parents could observe.  we were to be there for the fifth period, and then have a meeting between the parents and teacher.  we also did a bit of PTA stuff, but i wasn't volunteered for anything.  phew!  the weather was so beautiful yesterday, so we got some things done in the garden, too!  first thing in the morning, i went to costco (which was open at 9:20) and bought a table for the back yard.  then i went to the pool and swam for a while.  then i went home with the table and put it together with yoshi, but did it wrong!  we had to put it aside, though, for me to go to the elementary school.  after the meeting finished, i took hiro to joyfull, me for lunch and him for a treat, and then off to the grocery store for more shopping and then home.  yoshi and i quickly fixed the table and it looks great!  one of our umbrellas works with it, so that's great!

today promises to be fine, too, and we are having friends over for a BBQ!  yay!  ok, gotta go tidy and get the recycling together.  i'll try to take lots of photos today!