well, here we are, the first day of april! don't worry, i'm not going to try to trick you. yes, i'm the type of person who hates practical jokes and anything that makes other people feel embarrassed. i know that there are some people who can just roll with it, so playing a trick on them is fun for them as well, but, well, i'm not one of them. anyway.

spring is well and started here in kyushu! my first mini-daffodils are definitely on the way out, and the crocuses have all bloomed and gone as well. my big daffodils are so ready to open, and the grape hyacinths are nearly all up and purple! summer is my favorite season, but there's something to be said about spring!

although today is quite cold, the sunshine is beautiful! i finally took in my christmas lights at the front of the house. now i just need to do some weeding. i also need to do an overhaul spring cleaning. we have so much CRAP! the main culprit is yoshi. he has so many books! and other things! but mostly books. i have no idea what we're going to do with all of them!

because of the sunshine, we are going to BBQ outside. the first BBQ of the year! but, we no longer have a table outside, so i'll probably just cook outside one of the doors and hand food in for yoshi and the kids. IKEA is opening in fukuoka next week, so i may go and see if they have any outside furniture! if not, there's always costco or nafco.

this past week was a very busy one for me! the first really nice days of spring were last monday through thursday, but i had to work for the first three days of the week! i mean, work all day, i actually worked every day last week. and had trial lessons for my home teaching! phew! i have never been so busy, even when tommy was an infant. will be good for the wallet, though, so i'm not complaining!!

well, it's the first of the month. let's see if i can blog every day!