i know i haven't written in a while. there really isn't a lot going on. school is going well, i guess. hiro doesn't want to walk to school, and was actually very late the other day. it took him nearly an hour to walk to school, the teacher even called me because he wasn't at school yet! just one of those things i guess. soon enough, sasha will be walking with him!

my teaching is going well, too, with the usual ups and downs of teaching children. a couple of students didn't pay on time for may, but it's all caught up, now. hopefully that won't be a recurring thing! i even had someone call today to ask about joining a class. fingers crossed i'll have another student!

i was really tired and down during may. i claimed to have "go-gatsu byou", which means "may sickness", which really means that april is the busiest month (beginning of the year for many things), then you have golden week where you play hard and then WHAM! you slam into may and you feel like shit. well, that's how i felt over the past month. hopefully i am over it and will have more energy and motivation!

 kids are fine, husband is fine, animals are fine. rainy season seems to be on the way in, but we'll see!