i had a couple of posts in my head a couple of weeks ago, but then life got in the way.

pia is gone.  she went out on thursday (6/14) and we haven't seen her since.  i wasn't worried at first, but now i really miss her.  i don't know where she could be or why she hasn't come back.  poor kitty.

then on friday i woke up feeling poorly.  and then basically have been sick since then.  bad cough, sore throat, that sort of thing.  last friday i had a really bad headache, a migraine i think.

yesterday we went to a BBQ in town and had a great time (with kuri and her kids).  it rained like hell, though, it was pretty bad!  thankfully the party was at a great house with a covered area for the grill, so even though it rained, we could enjoy the party.

i am still trying to recover, so i will end this here.  hopefully i'll have more to say later.