birthday cake and christine

so, every year the boys have a halloween birthday party.  this is good for us because there's only one party, and we get to celebrate halloween!  yay!

everyone except tommy got dressed up in halloween costumes.  i made an orange and black cake again this year and it was fabulous!  the cakes were from mixes, but i made the frosting myself.

for their birthdays, hiro got a DSi and tommy got a bike!  i think they were well pleased with their presents (although hiro was asking for a 3DS almost right away....*sigh*)

as always, pictures!

face in my cake!

when i pulled the cake out of the oven, it looked like a face!


cupcakes, too, as usual!

showing the cupcakes

which the kids decorated! fun!

amy's cupcake

mummy 2

we also made pastry mummies that bled when cut open! so much fun!