ferry to seattle

so, as you may remember, our trip home was cut back by one week because of chicken pox.  this was heartbreaking because we didn't leave until christmas eve, and so arrived on christmas eve morning, and the kids (and i) were pretty exhausted and with spending the week sick with chicken pox (which is no fun) then flying, then meeting people two of them have never met before, and the other never remember meeting, well.  part of the magic of christmas is the anticipation, and preparation, beforehand.  we didn't even get to decorate a tree!  *sigh*  anyway, all in all it was a fun trip home for christmas.

there was so much that we did!  we went to seattle three times, which meant three ferry trips.  we went to see the ballet, then we went to the city for shopping (mainly for me!) and then we met my brother and his family for lunch, which my sister joined, too.

we had a lovely christmas at home and opened a lot of presents.  we got to try all sorts of american food and the kids came away with a new appreciation for corn dogs.  we went to the seattle aquarium and spent oh so much time there (and got hiro's omiyage for his class), which the kids really enjoyed.  we spent a lot of time with my family, which was really nice.  the kids were really excited--and excitable--and were very very noisy at times, which was very aggravating for my parents, and for me.  but we were sad to say goodbye when it was time to go.  the kids especially liked my sister.  hopefully we'll be able to meet again soon.



touching pool


loving the ferry ride

happy tommy