entrance ceremony

sasha's entrance ceremony was on april 11th. it was a cold and windy, but clear, day. it was so cold that they had three very large kerosene heaters in the gym, where the ceremony was held! yoshi and i chose chairs near one of the heaters, it was just so cold!!

hiro had the day off, but tommy had started back to kindergarten the day before. i had lost the paper which told us what time the ceremony started, so we basically left after tommy got on the kindy bus, just a bit before 9am. we were super early, though, because the ceremony wasn't starting until 10! that's all right, though, because we checked out the first grade room, sasha and hiro went upstairs to see the third grade room. eventually they had the gym ready for the ceremony, so we were invited to go in and wait.

as soon as we entered, sasha was paired up with her sixth grade "friend", while the three of us found a place to sit. then hiro basically ran around, talking with his teacher, or his former teacher (now sasha's teacher.)

the entrance ceremony was pretty short in itself, maybe an hour altogether. it was nice. after the ceremony we all went to the first grade room and the kids got their schoolbooks. then there was a bit of an introduction from the teacher, and then we were free to leave.

with a sixth grader friend

sasha's desk



after lunch, we went to a photo studio for pictures. for sasha and her starting elementary school, and for us to have a family portrait.



the next day was the first day of school for sasha, and she walked to school with hiro. yoshi went along, too, as far as the meeting point for the kids in our neighborhood. even zorro got to go along. now i only have one kid left in kindergarten, and two in elementary school!