sasha and her teacher

i'm a little lost as to where i am in this whole blogging thing!  so, before i start writing about spring break, i'll write about sasha's graduation.

it's a little weird all the graduations the kids go through before they even hit high school!  mostly i find them annoying and boring and such a waste of time, BUT! there's nothing i can do to get out of them, so....

anyway, sasha finished up her third year of kindergarten in march.  soon she'll be starting first grade!  here are photos to compare:

pretty sasha sasha on her first day of kindergarten

ready for graduation sasha on graduation day

i know just about everyone says this, but i can't believe she's starting elementary school already! time just flies by. *sigh* i couldn't tell if sasha understood that she wouldn't be going to kindy any more.  i guess that because tommy will be in after school care once a week, we'll be going to the kindergarten and she'll see the teachers then.  she didn't even cry on graduation day.  she is getting nervous about elementary school, though!  hopefully she'll have a lovely transition and have a great time at school.

(another comparison, then more photos)


hiro and sasha


me and the kids
(this is why i am never in photos, my husband cannot take photos well!!)

sasha and her second year teacher
(sasha and her second year teacher, she will be leaving the school to try to have a baby.)

saying goodbye