i don't know if i'll post much more, but i do hope i can. i cannot share any photos, this computer has very little memory. i tried to get a memory stick, or flash drive, or, whatever, but as you can probably guess (since i don't even know what i'm trying to talk about) that didn't work out. i think i can blog from my iphone, and might be able to share pictures from there from time to time, but it's a real PITA to type on the phone.

i can't tell if rainy season is over yet. we've had a pretty cloudy, but not very rainy, tsuyu. the past couple of weeks have had more rain than the previous how many ever there were....i think rainy season was officially declared for kyushu on june 2nd this year. still waiting for it to end....there are/were a few typhoons south of us making the weather very interesting here for us for the past few days. but, i'm ready for a sunny summer!