well, it's high time i did something about my weight. yes, yes, i just had a baby. but i didn't gain weight with that pregnancy. i was definitely a few kilos lighter after i had her!

i really let myself go with that pregnancy, eating whatever i wanted and rarely exercising. i was so tired all the time! i should have exercised more, made more of an effort at walking but...i was so cold all winter and spring and then hiro could walk and and and!!!

this morning i did power squats. it kicked my ass, and that's just a three minute exercise. something i could do with no problem before i got pregnant. so, i'll start with those in the morning. and i could be walking right now except yoshi told me he wanted to go to work early (although he's still in bed) and if sasha wakes up hungry...well, poor baby!

so...the first thing i'll really have to do is control my eating. i've been depending on the breastfeeding, but that only gives me a couple more months. when she starts solids and drinks less milk, all i'm going to have is fat and that certainly won't help my motabolism. so, i hereby resolve to lose ten kilos. then we'll see where i go from there. wish me luck!