well, just the one time. but hiro managed to do a 'boo boo' in the toilet last night. i think he actually waited until we got home.

we were in kita-kokura yesterday for my first lesson as a teacher in nearly a year. before we left, hiro said he had to go. so, i took him into the toilet and helped him (no toddler seat there) but he didn't go. i put him and sasha in the car expecting him to go in his diaper. on the way home (which took nearly an hour) he kept crying and saying 'boo boo' (not continuously, just once in a while...for an hour!) i had to stop off at the supermarket and then went home.

at home i checked his diaper--but nothing! so, we put the toddler seat on the big toilet (heated seat!) and then i had to start preparing dinner. he flushed the toilet--something he loves--so i went in there to put another diaper on him. however, he wanted to stay on the seat. ok, i went into the living room to turn on the tv. i went back into the toilet because hiro was getting off--and there was the evidence!! way to go hiro!

(LOL because this is really quite...personal. what do you think?)