hiro drinks milk now. of his own accord. this started in miyazaki last month. i think because he saw sahara drinking milk. this is a good thing, because it should help him grow! also, after his first success, he hasn't 'gone' in the potty. i tried the 'put pants on and go to the toilet every fifteen minutes' (timer and everything) but he would just sit on the potty, we'd recite the alphabet, put his pants back on and fifteen minutes later, he'd be soaking wet. he does tell me he has a 'boo boo' but sometimes it's after the fact. and even when it's before, i'll put him on the potty, no production and then a few minutes later....i have to change his diaper. still working on it.

sasha is getting bigger. i took out the insert on her car seat yesterday. and her 0-3 months clothes are starting to be too small. good thing, because i have no room for all the clothes. need to get that organized.

it got cold for a few days in november, then it got 'warm' again. but now it's cold, and i suspect it's just going to get colder. we're not moving soon enough...

work is ok, if far. the students are great, the boss is nice and his secretary is helpful. yesterday hiro started going to a new daycare because it's closer to the school.

ok, gotta go. sasha is fussy this morning and i have to hang laundry.