that's why i haven't blogged much lately. i was especially depressed when my period came last month, stupid raging hormones. but also being surrounded by all this crap just brings me down. and this new computer--though nice--is going to take some getting used to, and i hate change. speaking of change, i changed over to the new blogger, whatever that is. they seem to be all out of beta, so i have no idea what this is all about. ah well, back to depression. i guess it could be a touch of PPD. i don't want to off myself or drown my children, don't worry, but sometimes i just want to cry and scream and shout. my poor kids. they deserve a better mommy than me.

i would do pictures but i can't find the USB cord for my camera. and i haven't tried sticking the CD in the macbook to do those pics. gotta get movin'!

anyway, hope to post more soon.