yesterday i had a dentist appointment at diamond city. i had gone there several months ago when i was still pregnant with sasha. the dentist told me that three of me teeth needed work, didn't they pain me? they didn't, i assured him. but he couldn't do any work for me because of my pregnancy. i finally got around to going in again.

i would much rather go to an english speaking dentist, but they are hard to find. and a young dentist with modern equipment and a clean office is preferable. the dentist in diamond city (name of the clinic: heartfull dental clinic) is young and the office is modern, but he doesn't speak much english. but he does try to make sure i understand.

it was a nice experience. the dentist wore gloves! and a mask! if you live in japan, you may know why that is so exciting. he inspected the tooth i said was giving me pain. he couldn't tell exactly what was wrong until they took x-rays. so, i went through that, not so bad an experience (a lot like back home!) it turns out it's not the huge cavity that i had filled years ago. the problem is my teeth don't fit together like they should, so when i chew the top molars wiggle the bottom one. which isn't very clean (and so i likely have some gingivitis) so that's what's hurting me. the dentist evened up my bottom tooth a bit, and then the dental assistant cleaned my teeth (bottom teeth only). the dentist inspected again and cleaned my tooth that was bothering me--that was the only discomfort i had during the entire appointment--and that was that. when i left i made another appointment for next week to have my top teeth cleaned and i got a piece of paper explaining about plaque. i guess i need to step up my tooth brushing efforts!

where were sasha and hiro during that time? in the reception area, waiting. the most amazing part was hiro didn't scream or cry! the receptionist played with him, with toy cars. she also played an anpanman video, which he mainly ignored. sasha was a very good girl and just cooed and gurgled in her stroller. i felt very lucky!