yesterday was a holiday, and yoshi was home. we decided to go to an onsen that's near costco. we went early, because we have the kids and didn't want to take them if it became crowded. it didn't get very crowded, though, which was nice. yoshi took hiro with him, and i had sasha. when we first went into the ladies locker room, a woman told me that she had broken her key and couldn't get into her locker. she asked me to go to the front and ask for help (since she was naked and only had a towel.) she spoke perfect english! i left sasha in a baby bed and told someone at the front. when someone came to help, though, the naked woman had figured out how to open her locker. she told me (again, in english) that she didn't come there often and didn't know how the locker worked. i got suspicious that she had stolen my wallet or something, but she hadn't.

the onsen was nice. the main bath was very hot, though, so i couldn't take sasha in. they have a 'medicine' bath that changes daily, on monday it was blueberry. sasha liked that one very much and splashed a lot! there was a rotenburo as well, but it was also hot, and with the wind, i didn't want to have sasha out there for too long. we finished early, although i nursed sasha in the changing room. then we waited in the front for hiro and yoshi for almost an hour. apparently, hiro didn't want to leave the bath! thank goodness yoshi had him!

this week is golden week, and we'll be going to miyazaki on thursday. i am looking forward to it!