yesterday i met lily and her two boys (and her FIL) in fukuoka city. she is visiting her husband's family with the new baby and asked if i'd like to meet her. are you kidding? of course i would!

her sons are adorable. tomoya is about six months older than hiro, and i can hardly wait for hiro to be that age! imagine, actually having a conversation! and the touching...hiro cannot keep his hands off things lately, not a habit you want in a museum. ah yes, we went to the fukuoka asian art museum. it was very cool.

we looked at the current display, which featured contemporary indian art. even if hiro didn't 'appreciate' it, it was very cool. after that, we found a children's play area, and lily's FIL offered to watch the boys while we went up to the next floor to check out the rest of the museum. we got to talk a LOT, which was very cool (especially since it was in english!!)

again, here are some pictures. sasha being cute on a bean bag in the children's area, and hiro and tomoya enjoying themselves. also, a picture of reo (who is a month old).

happy baby

standing on a table...

baby reo