my mom called yesterday and said i hadn't updated my blog in a while. oops. been really tired here lately. with pregnancy and kids, with work and also with the start of rainy season (which hasn't been too bad until today. woke up this morning and it was hot and muggy. 28C at 8:30 this morning. gross) i have felt rather run-down. and don't have anything to say, really. sasha has two teeth popping through. that's exciting. she has also pretty much given up nursing. she's all gung-ho about latching on and still loves to grab my breasts. but she just wants to suck, she doesn't drink. and i cannot stand that. ugh, what an icky feeling that is. she's not even ten months, though, so i got her some formula. actually, i think it's called follow-up milk here in japan. i don't know why she doesn't drink breast milk any more. maybe because of pregnancy...anyway, she eats tons of food but i thought she should still be getting some milk. at least she sleeps through the night again and is a happy baby.