i know, i complain a lot. a LOT. it's what i do, it's how i deal with things that stress me out. probably drives people around me crazy. i have learned not to complain too much to men, though, because they just give you suggestions on how to solve your problem instead of just listening and saying, 'yeah, that sucks.' from time to time.

i just wanted to point out that i wasn't really complaining about my in-laws in a recent post. they didn't do anything wrong. i was mad at my husband, who wanted his parents to spend the night and i didn't want to give up my privacy for that. ah well, it's over and done.

and i think you'll notice that i haven't complained about the heat. i haven't, have i? because it's been really damn hot here in japan. very hot. not that i mind, though, because i felt so cold for the first six months or so of pregnancy. but that cold feeling actually makes me underestimate the heat. the other day i went to costco and bought some things. i had the kids in the cart and transferring everything from the cart to the car (and returning the cart) made me really sick. since then we've mainly stayed at home (which can be very boring, but safe) hoping for slightly cooler weather. probably not going to happen today, but it's saturday so yoshi will be home. yippee!

EDIT: this isn't directed at anyone except me. i feel like i've been complaining too much lately, so i'm going to try to keep it down to a minimum for a while. :D