it's so hot that i have two cranky kids here. oh, i so wish i could just throw them in a pool! haha. we actually do have a little kiddie pool, but it's too hot and sunny for me to be out there (and i would have to be with them every minute). we also have a beach umbrella, but really, it's just too hot. we've used the little pool once, but it was so late in the evening that it got dark quickly. i really wish yoshi got home earlier.

next week is sasha's birthday. and then, on the third, we have to take her to the children's hospital in fukuoka for a one year check (for her heart). yoshi is taking the day off, and it looks like we won't be enjoying the rest of the day as a family; instead, we'll be coming back to munakata so i can renew my driver's license. *sigh*