i saw a picture on flickr the other day of a plate of something from a mexican restaurant (in seattle). it reminded me of a place i sometimes went to with my mother. this little 'hole in the wall' (except it wasn't really that small) on marion between second and third (or was that third and fourth?) they closed because the building they were in was being knocked down. i don't know if it came back to downtown seattle or not. it was really good, though. the chips and salsa were great, we always asked for more before our order arrived at our table. and i really loved the refried beans and rice there for some reason. i think i would always order the chalupa. i never really liked mexican food. too spicy i think. until i moved to japan. yes, i think the chinese food is better in the us, but it's available here. and italian food here pretty much bites the big one. but there is practically NO mexican food here in japan, and boy do i miss it! last night i was thinking about that restaurant and craving the chips (tostidos and other nachos are just not the same as restaurant chips) and wishing i could have the beans and rice. *sigh* maybe i'm due for a trip home. even if i only get to go to azteca.