birthday girl

here is the birthday girl! in her new dress and hat...moving a bit so this picture is blurry, but that's my baby!

i cannot believe it's been a year already! the time has flown by. i am so happy to have her in my life. she is so sweet, so happy and so cute! we are very blessed with her. even hiro thinks so!

today we didn't have any plans. i didn't have enough oil or eggs to make her birthday cake, so i couldn't get that done right away. it has also rained for the past three days, so i had to do some laundry. after washing, i took the clothes to the laundromat. then i just kept on driving and we went to uminonakamichi. but we didn't go to the aquarium. instead, we went to another part of the park. the weather was perfect. totally cloudy, but the temperature was very warm. also, there was a nice breeze, and it didn't rain! there is a toddler park so hiro could play on slides and rocking toys. there was also a little wading pool, in which we all went. after that we went to the children's center where there was a little play room. when we finally left the park, both hiro and sasha fell asleep right away! very nice.

now we are waiting for yoshi to come home. i hope it's not too late!