i got a speeding ticket yesterday. why? because i am dumb. *sigh* you know, went through the yellow light because i didn't feel like stopping, and just thinking about stuff (should we start OrangeLife in october? maybe i'll make lasagna for dinner...hmm-hmm-hmmm) and didn't slow down again. ah. well, it could be worse i guess. but i really didn't need this. the police officer was nice, but there was no way i was talking my way out of this one. i didn't even play the 'i'm pregnant' card. (can i just say that NO ONE seems to be noticing that i'm pregnant? this makes me soooooo sad. *cries violently* i so wish i had a 'real' baby bump.) often, if we see someone pulled over, yoshi will say, 'kawaii sou', which means, poor them. but i disagree. if they were speeding, they were breaking the law. same with me (one reason i don't try to argue my way out of a ticket). i was speeding. i pay the price. didn't stop me from feeling bummed, though, for the rest of the day. *sigh* well, it's been over three years since my previous speeding ticket, that's pretty good i think.